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What The Heck Are Terpenes?

So what is the deal with Terpenes?

Progressive Health Industies’ Body Butter contains terpenes and we have received some questions about what these are. Just to be clear terpenes are in all plants. They are in fruits and vegetables, and some companies even produce synthetic terpenes. These synthetic terpenes are also found in aromatherapy and essential oils, and they are responsible for the scents and flavors of plants! They are especially predominant in hemp and cannabis plants because they offer additional benefits. Terpenes are fragrance oils that are secreted from the plant. There are anywhere from 80 to over 100 terpenes found in cannabis plants. They are the reason why we have such a variety of marijuana strains and why they are floral, woodsy or citrusy.  The reason we hear so much about terpenes in the cannabis industry is because they can to bind with the same receptors as cannabinoids in the body. This provides additional benefits to users. They vary across plants and strains and can be used to customize a benefit or experience. I will touch on a couple of particular terpenes since they are present in our Body Butter so you can understand enhance our product. Limonene- is the citrusy terpene, which is also found in lemons, peppermint, and even rosemary! It is said to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Humulene- has a woodsy smell that can be found in basil or hops. It also has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

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