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Wedding Prep Workouts

So, I am getting married in a week. My future wife and I had a pact on trying to get to the best shape of our lives before our big day so we can take a bunch of photos representing our best selves! We started this journey 8 weeks ago and we weren't sure how long we were going to stick with it. After spending some time doing our research, we decided to come up with exercises that we both enjoyed yet found challenging.

The key to this revolved around 2 points.

Point #1: Know yourself and your limits: This involved selecting exercises that we could complete with good form and low impact. The last thing we needed was to get injured or get sore right before our big day!

Point #2: Create a routine that is set in stone: So Kayla is a nurse and her shifts vary. I work in IT so my work day is the typical 9-5. We spent a day coming up with a bullet proof schedule that held us accountable.

Since weight-loss/fat burning was our key goal, we focused heavily on cardio. Repetitive form of cardio can be very boring so we tried to spice ours up with a few circuits in between. I will list our weekly schedule below and provide our rationale as to why we selected such a work out and where we saw benefits of them. Keep in mind of bullet #1 (Know yourself, some exercise may not be as effective for you. So with trial and error, figure out what works best for you)!




1) We would do 10 laps of freestyle

2) We would do 10 laps of freestyle using a pull-buoy (almost every gym pool has these available in-case you don't want to buy them.)

3) We would do 5 laps using a kickboard (almost every gym pool has these available in-case you don't want to buy them.) -- In the latter weeks we up'd it to 8 laps.

4) We would do 8 laps of breast stroke. We did this slow and tried to stretch as much as possible.



1) We aren't big fans of treadmills so we decided to find a trail to do our cardio and focus on body weight workouts. We started with 3 miles and then moving it up to 5 miles. We would make a pit stop every 0.5 miles to do a short body weight workout.

a) 0.5 - Consisted of 20 air squats and 10 push ups (2 sets)

b) 1.0 - Consisted of 15 pushups (2 sets)

c) 1.5 - Consisted of 20 tricep dips on a bench (2 sets)

d) 2.0 - Consisted of 20 lunges (2 sets)

e) 2.5 - Consisted of 10 burpees (2 sets)

f) 3.0 - Consisted of 30 sec mountain climbers (2 sets)

Note: When we had upped it to 5 miles, we just ran/walked the remaining two.

SUNDAY 10:00AM - 12:00PM


1) Sunday = Funday. We both love to bike. So on Sundays we would bike a trail for around 12 miles and then we would get a healthy meal at our favorite restaurant right by the trail.

By sticking to our schedule and knowing our limits, we were able to shed weight in a gradual pace. Not only did we get to spend more time with each other, we were also able to achieve our goals before the wedding.

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