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Beach Body Ready

So, Spring Break is right around the corner. Every year I promised myself that I would put in hard work during the winter time so that I am ready to enjoy my Spring Break. Spring Breaks usually involve a lot of food, booze and not to mention photos. I feel like deep down everyone wants to look their best during Spring Break because every photo involves you being in swimwear. In order to prepare for Spring Break I put myself through a specific regimen so that I could be in peak shape come March.

My workouts revolved around weights and cardio. I tried to pair them up in an efficient way so that I could achieve a little bulk while staying lean.

My regimen for the 5 week span consisted of:

Workout Routine "Warm Up"

1) 3 mins on the rower

2) 2 mins on the battle ropes, every 30 secs I would change up the pattern of my swings/movements

3) 5  mins of jump rope

4) 5 mins of using 3 pound dumbbells and using them to shadow box

5) 5 mins of punching the heavy bag (I bought some cheap gloves from amazon and my gym has a heavy bag)

Workout Routine w/ Weights

2 for Upper Body

1) 3 sets of bench press (split the set up, 1 for incline, flat, decline)

2) 3 sets of tricep dips (use a flat bench for this"

2 for Lower Body

1) Use an E-Z bar and do back and forth lunges (3 sets)

2) Leg press (3 sets)

I suggest looking in the mirror and analyzing your body. Figure out what key areas of your body you would like to add mass to. Cater your workouts to the areas you would like to improve on.

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