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After-Care Tips for Colored Hair

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Recently, I had the sudden urge to change up my hair color. As much as I loved my dark brown hair, I wanted to change things up and try something new and go lighter… Cue the endless hours spent on Instagram bookmarking my hair color goals!

With an album of balayage inspos at my disposal, I make my way to the hair stylist. She reviews my carefully crafted “vision board” and asks me about my hair history. I was NOT ready for all the knowledge she was about to drop on me. First, she asked me if I’ve ever used box dye. “Girl of course – I didn’t have salon money in college” I say. She immediately stopped me in my tracks and explained that because of the harsh chemicals found in box dye, I probably won’t get the results I want in my first visit. Box dye contains an excess of metallic salts that wreak havoc on your hair and penetrate deep in to it. For this reason, box dyed hair takes a couple of bleaching sessions to strip the old color out of the hair. I accepted this reality and told myself this is the start of my hair lightening journey. Let’s get his show on the road… or not.

She then asks me what shampoo/conditioner I use. I replied “anything at the drug store to be honest”. This was not the right answer. In order to get my money’s worth out of this Balayage, I needed to adopt a better after care regiment. Here are some tips she gave me to follow:

1. Drug store shampoo and conditioners are awful for color treated hair. They contain harmful salts and harsh ingredients. This will not only strip out the color, but it will also dry out your hair drastically. Investing in a good shampoo can make the hundreds of dollars you spend in a salon to not be in vain. She recommended the brand ‘Biolage Matrix’.

2. Do not wash your hair every day. This will increase the longevity of your hair color and will improve you scalp health. The oil production is good for your scalp, ladies!

3. Invest in a good blue/purple shampoo. I have naturally dark brown hair. When bleaching dark hair, the color lifts and has a not-so-cute orange undertone. In order to avoid going orange after a few washes, use a Blue tinted shampoo (‘Fanola No Orange Shampoo’ is highly recommended). For a more yellow undertone, use a purple shampoo instead. Orange/Blue and Yellow/Purple are opposite each other in the color wheel. This is why they cancel each other out – just some basic Color Theory for you.

4. Olaplex… This hair treatment is revolutionary. This is a multi-step treatment that repairs the broken bonds in the hair. If your hair is going through harsh treatment like bleaching, heated hair tools, etc. You need to nourish it. Olaplex has in-salon treatments and as well as at-home treatments you can use regularly. Your hair will thank you!

Transforming your hair is not an overnight process. Like most good things in life, it will take time and patience (and some $$$) to achieve your dream hair. Take care of your hair, invest in the right products and then reap the benefits. Now go and get the sexy hair you deserve!

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