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5 Myths on CBD

We all know CBD is EVERYWHERE, and with so many vendors in the CBD space and so much conflicting information, your trusted pharmacists at Progressive Health Industries, have decided to get you the facts regarding a few of common myths regarding CBD and its usage!

1. I took CBD For A Week And It Does Not Work.

False: CBD is not an end all be all cure. It is not magic. Frankly, according to the FDA CBD companies cannot make claims that it will cure or help any symptoms, conditions or diseases (since it is not considered a pharmaceutical drug). It will also not affect you if you do not have any conditions to treat. If you are taking CBD for no particular reason or for the hype alone it is the same as taking Tylenol for a week with no issues to be treated. What exactly are you trying to get out of this? Before you choose to try, or purchase, CBD check out our receptors page to see which parts of the body have CBD receptors.

2. CBD Has No Side Effects.

False: If you are taking CBD, especially with other medications, keep in mind that this is something you should consult your physician on. It is not recommended for anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding. It actually DOES have drug interactions. It can also cause side effect such as nausea if interacted with some medications. Medications such as blood thinners may be affected by CBD. Beware of taking CBD with any medications that warn you about eating grapefruit (i.e. thyroid meds) and HIV meds. If you are not comfortable talking to your physician shoot us a message and we will have our pharmacists give you a reply!

3. The CBD Industry Is Sketchy… (And You Can Get It At A Gas Station)

That is 100% true! There are all kinds of people and companies in this market. One thing that we recommend as health care professionals is that you make sure the CBD you are purchasing has a QR code on every single product! When QR codes for your product are scanned they should link directly to the laboratory test results. These results will show you how much CBD, THC, and other materials such as heavy metals are in those products.

This brings me to another point. Laboratory tests also shows that some products don't contain any CBD or very little which may not correspond with the milligrams listed or money spent. Hemp oil and hemp seed oil do not contain ANY CBD. Anything you see on Amazon is not CBD! I repeat… it is NOT CBD! Amazon is not currently selling CBD, and if you see prices that are too good to be true, like the ones at the gas station, then they are. If you are weary of trying it or trying a new brand take some time to research. And make sure to check those lab tests ahead of time. You can find ours here!

4. The More CBD The Better!

FALSE! There are plateaus to CBD and as you become a long-time user you may not get the effectiveness you need out of just 10-15mg per day. However, as with other medication there are peaks for effective dosing where you don’t want too much or too little. There are many reasons you should test your dose. A higher CBD isolate may not be as effective for you as a lower dose broad or full spectrum. Some people would rather take the lower dose CBD but get more of a benefit from the terpenes in a broad or full-spectrum option.

It’s all about technique! The way you take CBD affects what dosing you need. Do not just swallow your CBD. Much of it gets lost in your digestive tract, which is why we recommend taking it sub-lingually for at least 30 seconds. This is why we do not offer 500mg bath bombs or 1000mg candles. You will plateau and pay a lot for that bath bomb that will not be any different than a 50mg one. As far as candles go… the fastest onset is inhalation and less is more there. Plus, ours are made with pure beeswax which has amazing health benefits on its own and no synthetic additives.

5. All CBD Is The Same.

And the worst for last… No No No! Not all CBD is created equal and neither are the brands. To start off there is isolate, broad spectrum, and full spectrum. Along with that, there are others that pretend to be CBD like hemp oil, hemp seed oil, cannabis sativa seed oil. I can’t even keep up anymore. I am interested in everything you guys have seen out there (drop some comments below).

Here is the quick and dirty education on the real stuff.

Full Spectrum CBD contains every cannabinoid in the hemp/cannabis plant. This means it includes CBD, CBG, THC, CBN, terpenes and a whole slew of other cannabinoids making up the all-encompassing 113. CBD is legal federally if it is derived from hemp that contains 0.3% THC. It is legal in most states but not all, and each state may have their own set of laws and regulations (we will get to that another time).

Isolate is well…isolate. That’s it, just CBD nothing else. Nada. Everything else such as terpenes and other cannabinoid are removed in a refinement process.

Last but not least is broad spectrum. This may be the favorite. It is the happy medium between the two. Broad spectrum gives the benefits of the other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and includes terpenes. It does not contain any THC.

Progressive Health Industries can help you find the CBD that works best for you. Drop any questions or comments below!

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