Brand Ambassador Program


Progressive Health Industries offers an affiliate opportunity to benefit from the growing CBD market. We offer you a percentage of our high quality, pharmaceutical grade, and luxurious CBD products. Make the most of this program by offering your custom code to family, friends, and followers!

How does it work?

Step 1: You apply below with your information below.

Step 2: We review your accounts, and accept (assuming there are no issues).

Step 3: You receive a welcome email and a custom coupon code.

Step 4: Post! Post! Post! You must post 4 times per Month (all posts qualify ex. story, posts, live videos).

Step 5: You must tag us in all posts 

Once someone uses your code during a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sales! Then, we track your coupon code usage, sales, and send you a check!

Not bad, right?


You are welcome to re-post and share any links and information from our website and social media for content.


Affiliate Application

Thanks for submitting!




Do I have to buy or pay anything to become an affiliate?

-No! We do not require a purchase or deposit of any kind.

When do I get paid?

-We will issues checks on a monthly basis in increments of $100, if you do not make the minimum it will roll over to the next month until you do.

How much do I get paid?

- That will be determined on the amount of followers you have, and will be included in your welcome email.

If you’re interested in carrying products for a brick and mortar store, visit our business to business